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Alice A009CP Guitar String Winder & Pin Puller With Drill Bit

Alice A009CP Guitar String Winder & Pin Puller With Drill Bit


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Product Details:

Why would you want to go out without a string winder? It's a simple, time saving tool that makes tuning & restringing a lot easier and a lot quicker. It's made from hard-wearing plastic and has a hollow end that fits to your guitar's machine head (tuner), while the other end acts as a handle that, when rotated clockwise or anti-clockwise, loosens or tightens the string as needed.

The winder also has an extra slot that makes removing pegs from the bridge of an acoustic guitar easy, just slide the slot under the peg and pull.

Essential accessory - Makes re-stringing any guitar quick and easy. Features a detachable drill bit to make the job even faster

Quality Material - Made from tough ABS plastic

Multi purpose - Not only helps with speedy string changes, also has a bridge pin remover

Take anywhere - Light and compact, easily fits gig bags and cases

Compatible Instruments - Can be used with acoustic, electric, classical and bass guitars

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