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 Alice A007J Pro Clamp Guitar Capo For Acoustic and Electric Guitar

Alice A007J Pro Clamp Guitar Capo For Acoustic and Electric Guitar


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Product Details:

A good guitar capo is a go to accessory for any guitar player. As you learn new songs or play along with your favourite tunes, the music may not match up nicely with chords you already know. By using a guitar capo you can shift the pitch of chords you are already familiar with making it easy to play along to the music.

The Alice A007/J pro clamp capo is an impressive, effective and light weight capo for all types of steel string acoustic and electric guitar.

  • Pro clamp capo, holds tension effectively & maintains stable tuning
  • Compact and unobtrusive
  • Easy to move - mobile, lightweight and easy to re position, fits  electric and acoustic guitars
  • Fine adjustment screw for precision fit across all strings
  • No fret buzz - Stays in tune with a great intonation in all frets

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